Under the purview of AAI, BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) launched the African Consortium for Cancer Clinical Trials (AC3T) to foster and implement cancer clinical trials led by investigators in Africa. AC3T is designed to build clinical trial capacity and address the cancer data gap in Africa, while increasing access to prioritized cancer diagnostics, medicines, and quality treatment for African cancer patients. AC3T will bring together AAI partners and key stakeholders to leverage cross-sector capabilities and empower African clinicians to implement cancer clinical trials in Africa.

To accomplish AC3T’s goals of building cancer clinical trial capacity, filling the cancer data gap in Africa, and increasing access to quality treatment and technologies, BVGH is profiling clinical trial sites in sub-Saharan Africa. Use the dashboard below to select sites that are participating in AC3T and view these sites’ profiles and in-depth information on their clinical trial capabilities. Select a site from the map or from the Institution drop-down menu to see its profile. Note: ND stands for no data.

If you would like your organization featured on the platform, please complete the AC3T checklist and email it to Katy M. Graef. For more information on the platform or the checklist, contact Katy Graef.

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