AC³T: Access through Clinical Trials

Under the purview of AAI, BVGH launched the African Consortium for Cancer Clinical Trials (AC³T) to foster and implement cancer clinical trials led by investigators in Africa. AC³T is designed to build clinical trial capacity and address the cancer data gap in Africa while increasing access to prioritized cancer diagnostics, medicines, and quality treatment for African patients.

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AC³T Goals

> Increase access to new and established cancer medicines and technologies through clinical trials.

> Address the cancer data gap in African ethnicities.

> Galvanize support for African investigator-initiated cancer clinical trials at "ready now" cancer centers and hospitals.

> Build clinical trial capacity in "ready soon" cancer centers and hospitals.

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BVGH will be soliciting financial support from public and private donors to fund the AC³T Study Pool. To obtain funding, BVGH will demonstrate, through information gathered from this RFI, that there is a critical mass of African investigators interested in cancer clinical trials.

Who should apply? African investigators who are prepared and interested in conducting cancer clinical trials are invited to provide information about their clinical trial interests.

To submit your response, please visit the application.


A new AC³T clinical trials platform will showcase African institutions' clinical trial capacity. If you want your organization featured on the platform, please complete the AC³T checklist.

For more information on the platform or checklist, email

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