Heather Davidson

Program Manager

Heather Davidson, Program Manager, manages AAI members in Cameroon and partners in Nigeria, along with projects across BVGH’s network of program partners. Prior to joining BVGH, Heather was a grant writer with medical non-profits, focusing on helping marginalized populations gain access to low- or no-cost health care. Heather has many years of administrative, project-driven experience, and is a member of the Medical Writers Association. Heather has also worked as an artist and small business owner for over 10 years. Now she creates artwork for fun instead of profit. Heather received her BA, English and Art, from St. Olaf College and completed additional studies in Anatomy, Physiology, and Technical Writing. In her spare time, she loves growing food (including building a small aquaponics system), and likes settling down with her husband and their goofy cat to enjoy a movie or a good book.

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