Connecting LMIC Researchers with Industry Expertise and Resources

LMIC scientists are increasingly active participants in the global movement to develop products that address diseases of poverty such as malaria, African sleeping sickness, river blindness, and dengue fever. They are also performing important R&D on non-communicable diseases, which are on the rise worldwide. In many cases a lack of cutting-edge R&D expertise and infrastructure within LMIC research institutions hinders their progress and limits innovation and product development. BVGH seeks to address these gaps through the following programs:

Fellowship Program

BVGH coordinates and manages the short-term placement of biopharmaceutical company scientists at LMIC institutes, or LMIC researchers at companies, to promote intellectual and technical knowledge sharing. Company scientists work alongside the LMIC researchers, sharing their skills, demonstrating research techniques, and presenting seminars focused on industry’s processes and approaches to research and product development.

BVGH manages all aspects of the Fellowship Program including:

  • Identifying and profiling company scientists and LMIC researchers to match skills and needs
  • Matching participants’ skills and needs
  • Coordinating housing, travel, and placement logistics
  • Introducing participating groups prior to Fellowship
  • Maintaining communication throughout placement
  • Reporting impact following the Fellowship

Equipment Donation Program

BVGH places gently used laboratory equipment sourced from biopharmaceutical companies at research institutions in LMICs to enhance in-country R&D capabilities.

BVGH manages all aspects of the Equipment Donation Program including:

  • Profiling R&D projects and identifying equipment needs of research centers in LMICs
  • Matching participating companies’ gently used equipment with the needs of researchers
  • Liaising between companies and research centers to coordinate shipping logistics
  • Tracking outcomes and impacts of donated equipment

BVGH Fellow (from Merck & Co., Inc.*) providing hands-on training for students at the University of Buea, Cameroon

BVGH Fellow (from Merck & Co., Inc.*) conducting a seminar for students and staff at the University of Buea, Cameroon

Researcher at the University of Buea using a donated HPLC system

What do our partners say about their fellowship and equipment donation experiences?

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“My fellowship experience was life-changing. I not only gained a unique perspective on health systems in other parts of the world, but I also tested my leadership skills and ability to adapt to foreign environments. I look forward to applying these real-life learnings in my work to drive Merck & Co.’s* mission to help the world be well.”

Click here to read Dr. Minnihan’s account of her time at the University of Buea.

Dr. Ellen Minnihan Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA*

“The coming of the Merck & Co.* scientists to our laboratory at the University of Buea for several weeks, over multiple years, was very impactful and was a great honor for us. Not only did they impart industrial level insights and skills, and donate capital intensive pieces of equipment to us, they also made us their friends, paving the way for sustainable and more fruitful collaborations.”

Professor Fidelis Cho-Ngwa University of Buea, Cameroon

“The advent of the analytical HPLC machine at the University of Buea has led to a revolution in the research and teaching domains.”

Professor Evans Mainsah University of Buea, Cameroon
* Known as MSD outside of the US and Canada. 

Common Equipment Needs

•  Analytical balance
•  Cell sorter
•  Flow cytometer
•  HPLC – analytical
•  HPLC – preparatory
•  Lyophilizer
•  Microscope – fluorescent
•  Millipore water system


•  pH meter
•  Plate reader – microplate, ELISA
•  Rotary evaporator – with vacuum
•  Shaker/rocker/rotator
•  Sonicator
•  Thermocycler – PCR
•  Thermocycler – qPCR/RT-PCR
•  Vortex mixer

Learn More

To learn more about BVGH’s Fellowship and Equipment Donation programs, contact Amy Starr.