The State of Drugs, Diagnostics, and Vaccines for Neglected Diseases

BVGH surveys the drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines in use or in development for the management of neglected infectious diseases. In April 2014, BVGH reviewed the drug and diagnostic pipelines for the 10 neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) selected as priorities by Uniting to Combat NTDs in the London Declaration, and then updated these pipelines in March 2016. BVGH also completed similar neglected disease product pipelines of the drugs and diagnostics for malaria and tuberculosis in late 2014, in addition to a survey of drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines for Ebola virus disease in August 2015.

Prior work, last updated by BVGH in June 2012, examined the drug, diagnostic, and vaccine pipelines for 25 neglected diseases (including the 10 NTDs prioritized by the London Declaration) under the rubric of the Global Health Primer. In 2012, Emory University assumed responsibility for maintaining and updating the Global Health Primer.

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