Connecting Industry with African Leaders to Improve Cancer Care

The African Access Initiative (AAI) is a partnership of companies, governments, healthcare providers, and NGOs focused on sustainably expanding access to cancer medicines and technologies, improving healthcare infrastructure, and building clinical and R&D capacity in Africa.

Driven by Africa - for Africa - AAI’s innovative approach engages stakeholders across sectors to accelerate access to cancer treatment. Using data generated at the country-level by African hospitals and governments, AAI is expanding access to cancer medicines and technologies, strengthening healthcare infrastructure, and building clinical oncology and R&D capacity in Africa.

Unique features:

  • AAI Hospital Needs Assessments generate country-level cancer data and current practices, treatment gaps, capacity-building needs as well as technology and drug priorities
  • Tailored access agreements align needs with companies’ assets to deliver medications and technologies
  • Companies’ clinical and R&D instrumentation placed in hospitals and laboratories
  • Fellowships support knowledge exchange among companies, NGOs, and African oncologists and researchers
  • BVGH works with stakeholders to align AAI with each participating country's cancer priorities

Partnering with Ministries of Health

BVGH works with African governments to align AAI with each country’s cancer priorities.

Participating countries:

  • Cameroon
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda


BVGH meets with Honorable André Mama Fouda, Minister of Health, and national cancer team.


National Cancer Control Coordinator, Professor Innocent Adoubi, speaks at AAI symposium.


Dr. Anne Ng’ang’a, Head of Kenya’s National Cancer Control Program, presents Kenya’s cancer strategy at AAI launch.


Professor Isaac Adewole, Minister of Health, endorses Nigeria’s participation in AAI.


First Lady Madame Jeannette Kagame and Dr. Diane Gashumba, Minister of Health, discuss AAI with Pfizer and BVGH.

Our Partners

Driven by Africa - for Africa

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