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Report: 2021 AAI Annual Report
In 2021, BVGH made even more substantial moves to change the cancer narrative in Africa. With collaboration from AAI partners, African oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, medical physicists, pathologists, radiotherapy technicians, and more from across the globe attended digital lectures and exchanged knowledge with other passionate, world-class cancer experts. Cancer incidence and mortality across Africa continue to grow at a rapid rate. Consistent and long-term investments and commitments from all health sectors are needed to adequately position African countries to manage their cancer patients and reduce mortality rates.   Read here.

Article: “Building a cancer center around patients in Nigeria”
BIO.News writes on the Listening to our AAI hospitals’ needs is the first step in helping achieve their goals for patients. Read how NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre is employing public-private partnerships, including an investment by National Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) to become a cancer center of excellence. Read here.

Article: “Rwanda fights cervical cancer with information”
BIO.News writes on the success of the Education, Screen, and Treat (EST) program to fight cervical cancer in Rwanda. As of the writing of this article, 6,567 women in Bugesera District have been screened with the work of BVGH and its partners Rwanda Biomedical Centre, GardaWorld, Johnson & Johnson, and Faber Daeufer & Intrato. Read here.

Report: “Cancer in sub-Saharan Africa: a Lancet Oncology Commission”
Read an in-depth report detailing the current state of the fight against cancer in sub-Saharan Africa and featuring AAI researchers and hospitals who, with facilitation from BVGH, have implemented successful programs to improve cancer care and research. Read here.

Article: “Improving Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment by Training Pathology Technicians in sub-Saharan Africa.”
Through partnership with Hawassa University (Ethiopia) and City of Hope, BVGH is facilitating critical training programs for health professionals, like this one in immunohistochemistry which plays a key role in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Read here.

Article: “BVGH AC³T is changing lives, one clinical trial at a time.”
Read in BIO’s news how: “The African Consortium for Cancer Clinical Trials (AC³T) is addressing unacceptable disparities in…oncology by nurturing the growth and expansion of Africa’s cancer clinical research ecosystem.” – Jennifer Dent, Pres. & CEO. Read here.


Article: “In Africa, cancer kills more people than malaria. Here’s what biotech’s doing about it.”
In Africa, cancer is deadlier than malaria. In 2015, malaria killed 394,000 Africans, while cancer killed at least 635,400—60% more. “…Should current trends continue, Africa’s cancer burden is projected to reach an alarming 1.4 million new cases and 1 million deaths by 2030,” says a 2017 report led by BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH).  Read here.

Article: “Could Africa become a clinical trial powerhouse?”
“…To date, the African continent has not been known as a hotbed of clinical research. Despite playing host to 17.5% of the global population, the continent is dramatically underrepresented in clinical trials – only 2.5% of clinical trials take place here, according to one estimate.”  BVGH’s programs – the African Access Initiative (AAI) and African Consortium for Clinical Trials (AC3T) – are changing that. Read here.

Presentation: 2020 Skoll World Forum
BVGH President & CEO, Jennifer Dent, and AAI Partner, Dr. Faruk Mohammed, discuss the steps taken to kick off the pilot drug access program in Nigeria and plans to roll the program out in other countries.

Report: 2019 AAI Annual Report 
In a little over two years, BVGH is already impacting the African cancer landscape. This report describes how AAI is disrupting the cancer crisis in Africa through its sustainable approach and network of partners.
Read here.

Report: BVGH Post-AORTIC 2019 Report 
AAI partners and global health change-makers engaged in workshops focused
on expanding the AAI cancer drug access program across six African countries
and operationalizing AC³T.
Read here.

Blog: Disrupting the Emerging Cancer Crisis in Africa
Through partnerships and collaboration, AAI is mobilizing resources to aid African health systems to meet growing needs and cure more patients, despite the challenges posed by the increasing burden of cancer.
Read here.

Lab technician analyzing slides in Dakar, Senegal.

Blog: Global Cancer Research Investments Are Not Reaching Africa – How the African Access Initiative Is Changing the Trend.
BVGH analyses have revealed comparatively limited investment in cancer research at African organizations, which likely contributes to Africa’s substantial cancer disparities.
Read here.

Jennifer Dent ecancer Interview

ecancer Interview at the Global Health Catalyst Summit
Jennifer Dent sits down with ecancer at the 2019 Global Health Catalyst Summit to discuss how AAI is making inroads in AAI partner countries.
Watch here.

Jennifer e-Cancer Interview 1

ecancer Interview at AACR
Jennifer Dent speaks to ecancer at the 2019 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting about how AAI is working to improve patient outcomes in Africa.
Watch here.

Article: “Shifting Africa’s Cancer Narrative from Despair to Hope”
The Biden Cancer Initiative’s blog — Pulse on Progress — featured an article on how BVGH’s African Access Initiative is working to reverse cancer morality patterns on the African continent.
Read here.


Blog: “We’ve reached an important milestone in addressing cancer in the U.S. – but success should not end there.”
We must take the lessons and strategies learned battling cancer in the U.S. and apply them on a larger scale. Global cancer trends are imbalanced. It is time for us to share our successes and create change. Read more.

AC3T Group AAI

STAT News Article: “Patients of African descent are being denied the benefits of cancer breakthroughs. We’re changing that.”
Death rates from cancer are falling and access to potentially lifesaving treatments is increasing — except among Africans and Americans of African descent. This gap must be closed.
Read more.

BVGH’s African Access Initiative featured at the Biden Cancer Summit
BVGH was featured at the Biden Cancer Summit, hosted by Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, for its commitment to addressing Africa’s long under-recognized cancer epidemic through the African Access Initiative.
Read more.

Video: BVGH presents AAI at Biden Cancer Summit
BVGH has launched the African Access Initiative in partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and is also working with five African ministries of health including Nigeria, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, and Rwanda. Watch here.


Press Release: “Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health to Launch Pilot Cancer Drug Access Program with BVGH”
“Collaborating with BVGH and leading academic and industry partners, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Pfizer, and Takeda, is critical for saving Nigerian cancer patients’ lives,” said Nigeria’s Honorable Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole. Read more.


WIPO Re:Search Communications

After ten years, WIPO Re:Search came to a close at the end of 2022. See below for an archive of the program’s communications and publications.

Partnership Hub Snapshots
> December 2022 (Final Issue)
> November 2022
> October 2022
> September 2022
> August 2022
> July 2022
> June 2022
> May 2022
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WIPO Re:Search Publications 

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CLS Health Equity Spotlight
Health equity is on the forefront of most health-related programs – including at the 2022 BIO International Convention. Read how BVGH and other CLS member organizations are working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in research and development, clinical trials, and cancer research and treatment. Read more.

The First 10 Years of WIPO Re:Search
Celebrating the first 10 years of WIPO Re:Search, now spanning over 40 countries. Read about the accomplishments of the partnership and its scientific network of over 150 members, which by sharing resources and expertise is collaborating to improve the global health landscape.
Read more.

2020 BVGH Partnership Hub Annual Report
During the COVID-19 pandemic, WIPO Re:Search is more important than ever in the fight against NTDs, malaria, and tuberculosis. Read more about our partnerships and progress in the 2020 BVGH Partnership Hub Annual Report.
Read more.

Article:  IP to Beat TB: How Efforts to Curb Tuberculosis are Being Fueled by a Collaborative IP Ecosystem
US Chamber of Commerce’s Patrick Kilbride discusses the importance of WIPO Re:Search and explains why collaboration and innovation in research are the only way TB will experience a breakthrough in research.
Read more.

McGill Perspectives on Global Health
Canadian investigators partner through WIPO Re:Search to improve diagnosis of Chagas disease-a significant public health problem in Latin America
Read more.

2020 BVGH Partnership Hub Mid-Year Report
During the COVID-19 pandemic, WIPO Re:Search is more important than ever in the fight against NTDs, malaria, and tuberculosis. Read more about our partnerships and progress in the 2020 BVGH Partnership Hub Mid-Year Report.
Read more.

2019 Partnership Hub Annual Report
WIPO Re:Search has come a long way in the eight years since our launch and our commitment to the health of underserved communities has never
wavered.  Read more about our partnerships and progress in the 2019 BVGH Partnership Hub Annual Report.
Read more.

WIPO Re:Search Partnership Stories 2016-2019
In this publication, BVGH brings to life the WIPO Re:Search portfolio of 155 R&D collaborations focused on improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of some of the world’s most-devastating diseases. The stories show how global cross-sector collaborations are driving R&D for neglected infectious diseases. Read more.

WIPO Re:Search: Advancing Product Development for Neglected Infectious Diseases through Global Public-Private Partnerships
This publication highlights seven exciting drug development collaborations that are advancing solutions to some of the world’s most pernicious diseases. Each featured collaboration has achieved key R&D milestones and has been advanced and de-risked through WIPO Re:Search. Read more.

TropMed Special Edition Book – Prospects for Schistosomiasis Elimination
The Journal of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease has published their special edition on schistosomiasis, featuring a BVGH peer-reviewed publication: “WIPO Re:Search—A Platform for Product-Centered Cross-Sector Partnerships for the Elimination of Schistosomiasis.” Read more.

2019 BVGH Partnership Hub Mid-Year Report
BVGH established 14 new collaborations in the first half of 2019, spanning 22 companies and academic/non-profit organizations, 11 countries – 6 of which are disease-endemic – and 7 diseases.
Read more.


TropMed Article: “WIPO Re:Search – Catalyzing Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate Tropical Disease Drug Discovery and Development”
Through case studies, this article illustrates how WIPO Re:Search empowers high-quality tropical disease drug discovery researchers to leapfrog their R&D programs by accessing pharmaceutical industry resources. Read more.

2018 WIPO Re:Search Annual Report
Since the Consortium’s launch in 2011, WIPO Re:Search has grown to 140 organizations across 40 countries and boasts a portfolio of 140 R&D collaborations focused on improving the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of NTDs, malaria, and TB. Read more.

TropMed Article: “WIPO Re:Search – A Platform for Product-Centered Cross-Sector Partnerships for the Elimination of Schistosomiasis”
Using WIPO Re:Search as an example, this article highlights the opportunities for the public-private partnership model to play a key role in the elimination of schistosomiasis.
Read more.

Book Chapter: “Creating, Managing, and Advancing Collaborations: The Road to Successful Partnerships”
BVGH authored chapter in “The Cambridge Handbook of Private-Public Partnerships, Intellectual Property Governance, and Sustainable Development. The full open-access book can be found on Seattle University’s Digital Commons here. Read more.

AAI beakers

Access to Medicines Foundation Article: “How to accelerate pharmaceutical R&D – A new framework for sharing IP with global health researchers”
In collaboration with BVGH, the Access to Medicine Foundation has now developed a new framework for evaluating industry IP-sharing agreements for R&D. The framework will be used for the first time as part of the 2018 Access to Medicine Index analysis. Read more.

MedChemNet Interview with BVGH
BVGH’s own Dr. Joseph Hargan Calvopiña sits down with MedChemNet to discuss how BVGH and WIPO Re:Search are accelerating research and development for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), malaria, and TB.
Watch here.