Now Hiring: WIPO Re:Search Junior Program Associate

(March 2018) – Now hiring a junior program associate to join the WIPO Re:Search team. BVGH is looking for an individual who is passionate about impacting global health and is eager to work hard to see our programs succeed and goals realized. Click here to learn more and apply today.

African Access Initiative Expands to Rwanda


(November 13, 2017) – The Government of Rwanda has joined the African Access Initiative (AAI), BVGH’s international public-private alliance addressing Africa’s escalating cancer crisis. Rwanda is the fifth African country to commit to AAI, joining Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, and Nigeria. Expansion to fifth country demonstrates initiative’s relevance across Africa. Click here to read more.

BVGH Partnership Hub Mid-Year Report 2017 – WIPO Re:Search

WIPO Re:Search Mid-Year Report 2017

(August 8, 2017) – The 2017 BVGH Partnership Hub Mid-Year Report highlights BVGH’s activities and accomplishments towards our 2017 WIPO Re:Search goals and deliverables. Over the first half of the year, BVGH established seven new collaborations and one follow-on collaboration and recruited 19 new Members. Click here to read more.

Africa’s Emerging Cancer Crisis: A Call to Action

White Paper Post

(June 28, 2017) – In partnership with the African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) and key oncology leaders, BVGH released a white paper on the African continent’s emerging cancer crisis. The publication discusses cancer as a growing public health threat in Africa, the lack of funding and limited access to quality care that underlie the cancer crisis, and a call to action through public-private partnerships. Click here to read more.

International Drug Companies Join BIO Ventures for Global Health to Tackle Cancer Crisis in Africa

(June 21, 2017) – BVGH is launching the African Access Initiative (AAI) at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) International Convention in San Diego. AAI will expand access to oncology medicines and improve cancer care in Africa. Led by BVGH in partnership with Pfizer, Inc., Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and the African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC), AAI will expand access to oncology medicines and improve cancer care in Africa. Click here to read more.

Breast Cancer More Aggressive, Deadlier in African Women than Caucasian Women

(June 20, 2017) –  Dr. Olufunmilayo (Funmi) Olopade, a native of Nigeria and founding director of the Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics at the University of Chicago, has dedicated her career to unraveling breast cancer biology in women of African descent. Her pioneering research, published in leading scientific journals, has shown that the disease “hits earlier and harder” in Africa than among Caucasian women in the United States. BVGH’s new African Access Initiative (AAI) will help address the cancer crisis and build the capacity and infrastructure needed to support further research on Africa’s cancer landscape and clinical trials of existing and new treatments. Dr. Olopade and Dr. Pol Vandenbroucke, Vice President of the Medical Strategy at Pfizer, will join BVGH’s Board of Directors to strengthen its expertise in oncology and healthcare delivery in Africa. Click here to read more.